Renovating the Park

We as a group wanted to give something to the community, and we thought adding some exciting elements for all ages to our park was a great idea for our town. We have a park that is an amazing blank space full of climbing tires and disc golf, but we imagine it to be more and, with the community's input, are working toward making it a reality.


The people voted, and we are delivering, bringing several new aspects to the park, completely upgrading the space for the community.



A body that stays in motion stays healthier, and that's what we aim to provide with having a parkour section in our park. This area will help enhance upper body strength and stamina.


Tennis Court

Tennis is a great cardiovascular activity that is great in pairs or for singles. We happen to have two courts but really just need one, so resurfacing that one is in the works.


Skate Park

From Missoula to Post Falls, ID, there are no skateparks. We aim to reach that demographic and enable more people to enjoy this fun and enjoyable activity.



Everyone loves music, and we are no different. It is an all-ages activity that is both stimulating and relaxing. In cooperation with art and music students at the school and other local musicians and artists, we'll be incorporating musical aspects into the park.

Walking Path

In addition to a 1/3-mile path along the perimeter of the park, workout stations will be placed at regular intervals to those looking for to add to their workout.

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