Join us in the park to play some kickball!

We are looking to raise $500 for the Music program to get repairs on their musical instruments, along with raising money for the community center's windows.

Quick things to know:

- Grab your team of 8-10 people. (must be at least 10 years old by day of event)

- Check-in is at 8:30AM to see when your team plays.

- Registration is $10 per person. (8 people - $80 total, 9 people -$90 total, 100 people -$100 total)

- Team Captains are in charge of collecting consent forms: no consent form no kickball. 

- Due to time and space 16 teams can register (2 fields - 45 min each or 6 innings).

- Divisional playoff's with last two teams taking cash prize, TBD.

- Registration is open until June 8th with payment due at time of registration.

- Railroad Day Foundation's annual Pig Roast Fundraiser should close out the event at 2PM. Participants get a discount on their pig roast plate. YUM!