Light Rental Equipment & Agreement

1. Select lights from list. Prices and deposit are listed with each light.

Light Inventory & Pricing

Black Light-- LED Bar
Rental Price: $30.00 | Deposit: $20.00
Total amount due upon rental: $50.00

Light Board
Rental Price: $30.00 | Deposit: $20.00
Total amount due upon rental: $50.00

DMX Cable-- 15 Feet
Rental Price: $4.00 | Deposit: $2.00
Total amount due upon rental: $6.00
Two available.

Chauvet Slim Par 56
RGB LED lights that feature a built-in
digital display to select a static color or pattern.
Choose from these 7 built-in colors:
Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow.
Rental Price: $15.00 | Deposit: $10.00
Total amount due upon rental: $25.00
Five available.

Red Spotlight

Rental Price: $10.00 | Deposit: $7.00
Total amount due upon rental: $17.00

Disco Ball-- Rotating
Rental Price: $20.00 | Deposit: $15.00
Total amount due upon rental: $25.00

2. Fill out the Rental Agreement form below and pay the amount due (once your form comes through to PEAK, we will send you an invoice). This payment guarantees that you will have the lights when you need them. 

3. Schedule a pickup time with the PEAK Foundation.

4. Set them up at your party. Ideally, they look best when they are hanging from lighting stands. If you don't have stands, you can set them up on a table or the floor using the brackets provided. If you put them on the floor, point them up and set them against a wall for a cool and easy "up lighting" effect. 

5. Make sure you save all the boxes and packaging. After your party, pack everything back into the original boxes. Lights must be returned on agreed day or deposit will be forfeited. 

PEAK Foundation Light Rental Agreement:

1. Rental amount and deposit are required in order for the rental agreement to be valid. Upon return of rental equipment, deposit will be returned so long as a) equipment was returned on agreed upon date and b) no damage has been made to the equipment. If either of these two scenarios has occurred, deposit will be withheld. 
2. Equipment rental is 5 days maximum. Pickup & return will be in writing. Deposit will be withheld if lights are not returned on date specified in agreement. 
3. If light is damaged or bulbs burn out, please notify the PEAK Foundation.
4. You will not be charged for lights that burn out.
5. You will be charged for damage to lights. Deposit for that piece of equipment will be withheld. 
6. Operation of lights is up to renter. The PEAK Foundation does not instruct on use. Note that operation of lights take some electrical experience and knowledge. Please consider this before renting. 
7. The PEAK Foundation accepts payment for lights in the form of check, cash or credit card. 

Lighting Rental Form

Name *
Phone *
Please list lighting equipment you wish to rent. If you are renting more than one of an item, please list the amount you'd like to rent. *Note, not all equipment has multiple items for rental. See Inventory List above.
Pick Up Date *
Pick Up Date
Date you would like your rental period to begin
Drop Off Date *
Drop Off Date
Date your rental agreement will end. *Note, there is a five day maximum rental period. If equipment is not returned on agreed upon date, your deposit will be whithheld.
Please choose ONE option for your payment