Parkour Anybody?

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Let's Move

The project moves forward

Parkour Visions has created the perfect concept design for our park.

We are excited to have a blended committee of PEAK members and two experienced high school students. 

Thank you Creighton Callison and Cypress Adams for your time to this project.



Interested in providing more input about the parkour design or any other park aspects?


What are the benefits of movement?

  • Full-body workout: Cardiovascular, muscular, and core strength are all needed to perform parkour moves.
  • Boosts confidence: Conquering moves and jumps is a booster for any young person or even adults 
  • Promotes creativity: The obvious solution to a move isn't always readily available, so thinking outside the box is necessary
  • Anyone can do it, so let's get moving!



Want to learn more or take some classes before the park gets built?

Check out Unparalleled Movement in Missoula.

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