PEAK Partners

Thank you, citizens and businesses, for the amazing support and donations that you've given the PEAK Foundation. 

Those interested in sponsoring or donating to our goal of promoting excellence in kids from the greater Alberton, Montana area can contact us.

Many thanks to our wonderful support team:

Abe Kurien
Acker Construction
Alberton Community Food Pantry
Alberton Community Foundation
Alberton Feed and Supply
Alberton Food Pantry
Alberton School
Alberton school art students
Alberton Senior Center
Barnett-Skibbe family
Barnibbe Photography
Baughman family
Blackfoot Telecommunications Group
Briscoe family
Bunton family
Carpenter family
Clay and Connie Acker
Creighton Callison
Dennis & Phyllis Washington
Dess Werst
Donna Coburn
Eryn Odell
Fat Belly Deli
Frank McKinney (BPSA)
Giffin family
Glenda Wallace
Hader family
Isaac Warren
Jessie Baldwin
Jodass family
Jorrien Knudsen’
Lisa Garman
Lonnie Miller
Kathy Woodford
Katie Vessel
Kromrey family
Marilyn, Steve, and Deb McEwen
Miles Vallencourt
Mineral County Community Foundation (MCCF)
Mineral County Performing Arts
Montana Valley Book Store
Morgan family
Mountain Pearl Photography
Nick Turnbull
Northwestern Energy
Rae Deschamps
Ray family
Raynier Institute & Foundation
River Edge Steakhouse
Taapken family
Taylen family
Teeters family
Terry Zylawy
Town of Alberton
Valerie Bayer
Weed family
Zimmerman family